2023 Boxers for Girls, Project Page

765 pairs of boxers spread on a table while girls choose pairs

This is just simply the BEST way to use sheets! Thanks to all the great people who donated!

Problem: Many, many girls were getting infections. Why? The synthetic knickers that can be purchased in Ghana are not conducive to good hygiene practices. Girls need to wear something under their skirts to stop their upper thighs from chafing. 

Brainwave:  boxers for girls! Bigger brainwave: get fabric donated in Aurora and ship it over!

Yep, early in 2023, Carol put out the call to people in the Aurora and Newmarket area to donate sheets to shipments so that we could stockpile a huge amount of fabric that was 100% cotton. Meanwhile, in Ghana, Linda approached our seamstress and tailoring shop at Dekpor Central Shops to see if they would be onboard to design and make boxers for girls.

Hundreds of sheets were donated...you can see the donation in the Shipping albums.

In August, Olivia and her team at Dekpor Central Shops, including all of our sponsored seamstress apprentices went mad at it! In record time, they produced 765 pairs of boxers, sized small, medium, and large to complement our Kits4Girls.

August 31st, all of the girls at Dekpor Basic from grade 5 up and then all of our sponsored older gals (apprentices) all got to choose 5 pairs each!


And note:  Olivia was sponsored way back in 2013. She made her way through elementary school, a seamstress apprenticeship, graduated, and then when we needed a new 'madam' at the shop, Olivia took over with one other seamstress and a tailor. We could not possibly be more proud of her accomplishments!  

Sponsorships really do change lives!


Oh, and of course they were paid for their work and we covered the cost of thread and elastic.  The funding came from the Kits4Girls campaign held late in 2022.  For more pictures and information, check out the Kits4Girls Project Page, too!

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