2023 Emergency Water Tower Repairs Project Page

the yia water tower with new and improved foundation and stand

Thanks to wonderful friends who prefer to remain anonymous, we were able to immediately rectify a scary situation.

Erosion around the water tower in Dekpor Yia left the structure in a vulnerable way. Wind and water damage from heavy rains and run-off challenges the upkeep of many buildings in Dekpor, but, the implications of possible shifting to a water tower could have been disastrous.

We are SO incredibly proud of our very own Mawuko!  He was one of our first sponsored students who made his way through elementary, then junior high school and recently completed an apprenticeship, thanks to DSDO student sponsors!  His past situation was beyond heart-breaking, yet he managed to push forward, has made a name for himself, and his work ethic is admirable!

Thank goodness the integrity of this water tower has been restored!

Last updated on August 18, 2023 8:39pm