2023 ICT Shop Repairs, Additions, Improvements Project Page

Interior view of the ICT classroom section showing 3 students and the new tech equipment

The wall removal was mentioned in a Dekpor Central Shops project page a few months back, but, the improvements were far more extensive as we took a look at the long term goals for this particular shop.

Here is a list of what all took place:

-Created office to keep items secure and separate from the classroom portion

-Painted the interior black and white

-Wired for classroom purposes

-Installed new fans and lights

-Resealed along base of container where rain was leaking

-Purchased 6 raspis and installed them with monitors, keyboards and mice.

-Desktop printer purchased

-Photo printer replaced

-Large printer repaired

-Purchased paper of different sizes,weights and purposes

-And a handful of smaller tweaks, too!


We are grateful to our friends,Susan and Tony Anderson, for financing this important project!  With several apprentices using this space every day and the hope of starting courses for interested townspeople, this was a necessary upgrade!

Last updated on August 28, 2023 6:38pm