Kits4Girls 2023

the contents of the kit laid out so each piece can be seen

Last May, we received our first donation of kits so we could pilot their use. Since the response was very positive and the local nurses and female school staff are on board with us, we chose to jump right in. (You can check back to the 2022 Project page for more information.)


In December 2022, a Kits4Girls campaign was launched and we are extremely pleased that $4088 was raised!  How is this being used?


The generous person behind our initial donation of reusable pads, Christine Owen, not only donated kits outright, she then agreed to continue to sew for us as we now cover the costs of the materials. After our successful campaign, we can now pay for the fabric, thread, and notions that Christine requires. What a gift of time and talent!


Each kit needs to include the very basics with a few face cloths, a few pairs of underwear, and some soap--these items were purchased in Ghana.  The drawstring bags that hold the kits were donated by 4Imprint in Ontario. Both the drawstring bags and the reusable pads that Christine sewed took the flight to Ghana with Linda in February.


A big thanks to the following for contributing financially to this important project (Note that most of this funding was required in August with our subsequent round of purchases):

Pat O'Connell (as a tribute gift for Justine, Kaitlyn, Millie, Tylor, and Brianna), Ann Sutton (in honour of Alan Lawrence), Jennifer Douma, Jo-Anne Brady, Diane Young, Judy Ignatowitz (for Donna and Ron), Becky Longe (for her mom, Ann Macoun), Donna Jamieson (for Judy Ignatowitz), Ines Howe (for Jessica, Kiana, Sydney, and Margaret and Allen), Natalie Longe (for Bix, Sophie and Lia), Ann and Tony Macoun (for Malaika and Cynthia), Jeanette, Ilienna and Aleksandra Hasanoski (for Mrs. Sengupta and Mr. Sands), Stephanie Valiquette (in honour of Anita Fantin-Gallo, Sayeda Datoo, MaryLynn Greer, and Romina Ferrara  ), Laura Bondi (for Dale and for Roxanne), Kim Nelson (in honour of Claire and of Grace), Gerard Baribeau, Lynne Brown, Bob and Peg Belcher (for Mabel-Anne and Allan), Nancy Burnham's corporate matching,  Donna Jamieson (in honour of Kody), and Lauren Pettinger.


August 31 Update!

We are thrilled that this project has been received with much gratitude!  So much so, in fact, that we realised that we needed to do more.

In August 2023, more brand new and supplement kits were made with items donated by Wendy Browne in Ontario (face cloths, soap, underwear), the drawstring bags donated by 4Imprint, and the actual reusable fem hygiene items purchased at a health-sanctioned, world renowned charity in Accra, Ghana, thanks to the people listed above.


On August 31st another distribution took place:

100 supplement kits included: 8 regular, 8 heavy, 3 of each type of shield, 2 soaps, 2 face cloths

50 brand new kits for girls who had not previously received: 16 regular, 3 reg shields, 8 heavy with 3 shields, 3 panties, 4 soap, 2 face cloths

Each girl was able to choose 5 pairs of boxers made by our very own seamstresses (we have a separate Project Page for this!).

Another lengthy learning session with questions answered was provided by local nurses.

So, now the girls at Dekpor Basic from grade 5 up to and including JHS 2 have new or supplements to their kits ... and all of our older sponsored apprentices have their own full kit. JHS 3 girls are finished the school year, so were unable to attend, but they all had received an original kit earlier this year.

You can stop and imagine just what a huge deal this is for our gals. Purchasing supplies just doesn't happen in Dekpor, so the need is rather desperate.

To the people who contributed to this cause, a massive thank you for understanding the importance and need.

Last updated on August 31, 2023 11:21pm