Painting 2023

painting the exterior of a classroom at Dekpor Basic School

Whoa! What a BIG job this was!

Upkeep is important. We are most grateful that we can keep the school campus and town toilet facilities maintained, thanks to a generous donation from Susan and Tony Anderson. The conditions in Dekpor truly make it difficult to keep the walls looking fresh. From the constant dust to the numbers of people utilizing all of the buildings, there is no wonder why they get dirty and dingy.

Before the painting could begin, there were many masonry repairs that had to be completed. Some of the photos show the patches.

We hired some of our previously-sponsored students to do this massive job! Face it, we have 24 classrooms on school campus, and there are plenty of other rooms and buildings. Inside and outside. There are also 5 town toilet facilities for which we are responsible. This was quite the undertaking, but we are incredibly grateful that we could tackle it all at once.

Benjamin did most of the sanding and prepping of walls, while Mawuko, Philip, Mawuli, CK, and Patrick did the painting.

Last updated on April 30, 2023 11:12pm