2023 School Equipment for BDT Class, Project Page

2 black hand crank sewing machines sitting on a table

We have never had a staff member who is entirely keen on providing hands-on, real-life learning experiences for his students...until now! And by golly, when he requested funding so he could teach the junior high school students (grades 7, 8, and 9) at Dekpor Basic School how to use a sewing machine, we certainly were excited by his initiative!

Thanks to donations from Diane Young and Robert Pecile, Edna Michael, Sandra Hartman, and Tony Gariepy, two brand new, hand-crank sewing machines were purchased along with some beginning sewing notions, thread, and scissors!

This idea has gotten even brighter! Not only are the JHS students learning to sew, but the teacher decided to offer to repair any torn uniform belonging to any student at the school!  There has been a substantial amount of "business" already! (Notice the photo.)

This is just so, SEW awesome! 


Last updated on December 16, 2023 9:52pm