2023 School Supplies Project Page

Several students stand shoulder to shoulder behind a table that is laden with notebooks and boxes of pens and pencils

Wow! What a beautiful gift this is!  

The entire campaign goal of $500 was reached through an incredible donation made by the grade 7/8 class at Avondale Alternative Elementary School! Why?  To honour their teacher, Mrs. Teresa Cline!

Back in 2020, Teresa and her family volunteered in Dekpor. Since that time, she has told others about the experience and the many challenges for students in the village.

Teresa is currently teaching a grade 7/8 class at Avondale Alternative Elementary School in North York.  Her amazing group just fulfilled the entire campaign goal!  We have purchased 200 pens, 200 pencils, 820 notebooks, and a supply of dry erase markers for the teachers! So often, students show up at school with no paper, no writing tool, but with the will to learn. Now they will have the chance to get their work done and to pass exams.

A big thank you to the grade 7/8 students and  parents of Avondale Alternative for honouring Mrs. Teresa Cline in such a generous fashion!

Last updated on December 16, 2023 5:22pm