2023 Solar Power at Dekpor Basic School, Project Page

the roof of the classrooms has 2 men installing solar panels while a third man stands at the top of the ladder

We have quietly been hoping that this day would eventually come!

Alas, the stars (including the sun) aligned and here we are with solar energy at Dekpor Basic School!

We've put in enough panels that every classroom can have an electric light and electrical outlet. Some rooms even have ceiling fans!  Oh, and the pumps to get the water from the reservoirs are hooked up.  Aaaaaannnnd, the school's computer lab also is running on solar now!  

This, quite frankly, is beyond exciting!  The school board doesn't pay electrical bills and it has been up to the headmasters to try to come up with funding. 

It is with a huge amount of gratitude that we acknowledge our dear friends, Susan and Tony Anderson, for making this dream come true!

Let there be light!


Last updated on August 28, 2023 7:33pm