Solar Power for Water System

Man working on installing solar panels on roof

Wowie! We truly have gone to town jumping on the solar energy bandwagon. This is our final get all the portions of the water system running on solar power that make sense to have hooked up based on use and cost! 

We started the solar panel installation journey in a modest powering the 4 borehole submersible pumps. But, after being pleased with the results, we took on the school campus, then the Dekpor Central Shops, and now this!
It means that the reverse osmosis system and distribution pumps that send water to the polytanks around Dekpor Yia and to the Dekpor Yia and Dome water towers will run on solar power.


The people of Ghana have been warned that there is to be a steep jump in the cost of electricity. When our WATSAN committee has to pay high electrical bills, there isn't much left in the kitty to cover any repairs or upkeep.  Finally this huge expense has been lifted!
We are incredibly grateful to our dear friends, Susan and Tony Anderson for making this possible!
Last updated on February 26, 2024 2:11pm