Step by Step page 2023

Benjamin, one of our licenced electricians, is replacing a light at the top of a pole

We never know what is going to end up in this album!  There are so many jobs that we accomplish, and every year we just add to the variety!


March - termites and wind destroyed one of our street light poles and the whole thing came crashing down. Thank goodness that Benjamin was in town and could do the repair!  New light installed...pole re-cut and secured.


May - new shelving was built, thanks to a donation by the Andersons.  The school needed somewhere to store the craft and sporting materials and equipment that had been donated by the Shiner family.  In addition, it was determined that shelves for the hundreds of textbooks we purchased would be best for the plastic storage bins.

June - a new security system was put in at the library and computer lab on campus. Given the climate and conditions, this is something that does require either repairs or replacements every few years.

June - the crack in the foundation at Dekpor Central Shops was repaired by Mawuko...thanks to the Andersons for funding it!

July - 8 new tables were purchased for the library hall

August - New locks were purchased for all the doors at Dekpor Basic.

August - First aid kits for the school and the shops. They were shipped from Ontario.

August - The teachers needed new graph boards for their classrooms, so we got them!

August - Three phase power now at the Dekpor Central Shops!

August - Solar lights replaced at all of the town toilets.

September - 15 more storage bins for text books were purchased

September - We got 8 more tables for the library



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