2023 Desk Repairs

Two men work on desk repairs

Upkeep is important.

Conditions in Dekpor are rather brutal for many things...furniture included.

The beautiful manufactured desks that we purchased have melamine table surfaces. Unfortunately, when the moisture gets in, it expands the particles and the swelling ruins the desk.  We are piloting a repair by using real wood.  Due to termites and other lovely hungry critters, there is no choice but to treat the wood with pesticides first.

If there were other types of furniture for us to pilot, goodness knows, we would try.

Our desks at Dekpor Basic School were in need of some major work!

Thanks to a donation from Tony and Susan Anderson, we were able to hire our students and recent grads to do the extensive repairs!  More than 150 desks were given new life!


Last updated on September 2, 2023 6:19pm