Toilet Clean Out 2023

Pumper truck is hooked up and cleaning out one of the holding pits

We have 5 town toilet facilities and also toilets at the school campus.  They require daily maintenance, but also, every couple of years, the holding tanks must be pumped out and we are grateful that we are able to keep things properly maintained.

There may be neighbouring Ghanaian towns, villages, and cities that have similar community facilities, but one huge difference is that ours are regularly looked after.   Other towns are dealing with rather unsavoury conditions (we'll let you do the imaging as to what happens when things aren't cleaned). We are so glad that we have a couple of special donors who understand the necessity of daily cleaning and regular pumping out of the holding tanks.

In October, the school student toilets, Yia #2 facility, and the Horme facility were all looked after. During the first week of January, the pumper truck made the journey to Dekpor to tackle Yia #1, Yia #3, and Dome.  Done for another couple of years! Whew!


Thanks to our friends, Susan and Tony Anderson, for understanding just how important this job is!

Last updated on August 25, 2023 7:21pm