Child Sponsorship Programme (Ongoing)

Child being given a small amount of food from a metal bucket

Our child sponsorship programme is making a huge difference for some extremely needy children. It is a one-to-one sponsorship, where the funds go directly to assisting your sponsored child.

Children receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch, a mosquito net, all school supplies, mandatory school uniforms, exam fees paid for, and medical attention.

This album contains just a handful of their photos. There are many more children desperately needing help.

These are some of their stories:

E lives with her mother. Her father, who was a school headmaster, passed away two years ago. Her mother is struggling to pay the school expenses, but wants very much for E to continue on with her studies. E's mother farms to pay the family’s basic expenses. If she is able to continue her education, E would like to become a teacher like her father was.

B is currently in Class 3 (Grade 3) at Dekpor Basic School. B is the youngest of six children, living with his father. B’s mother passed away when he was a baby. B is a very good student and attends school regularly. The family is struggling to pay the school expenses and unfortunately, the other siblings have been forced to drop out due to the family’s financial constraints.

Sadly, W’s mother passed away 6 years ago and his father deserted him and has not been heard of since then. He lives with his grandmother in the village, who farms to make some money to help her family. W is currently in Class 2 (Grade 2) at Dekpor Basic School. W desperately needs a sponsor in order to continue his education, as his grandmother is trying to send four of her grandchildren to school. W enjoys school a lot and works hard at all his subjects. He especially enjoys mathematics and English language studies. If he is able to continue in school, W would like to work as an automobile engineer when he gets older.

E is currently in Class 1. Recently the family house was destroyed by fire. Since the kitchen is outside like all other Dekpor homes, the cooking utensils and pots were spared, but all of their other few possessions, such as clothing and cloths were destroyed. The two room mud house has been rebuilt. E lives with her mother; her father passed away seven years ago. E has nine older siblings – a large family by any standards, and needless to say, her mother has been struggling financially. Things are even worse since the fire. The four youngest children were in school. The older children dropped out due to financial constraints. Without your generous support, E would not have been able to continue her education.

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